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Wireless video encoder/transmitter and decoder/receiver for point-to-point outdoor applications

At A Glance
  • Two units: encoder/transmitter and decoder/receiver
  • Transmits over 2.4 or 5 GHz wireless band or 4.9 GHz US or Canada public safety band
  • MPEG-4 based video up to 4CIF/30fps, with optimal bandwidth utilization
  • Compact, weatherproof enclosure: ideal for outdoor, point-to-point applications
  • Built-in, multi-band antenna for software-based frequency change
  • Eliminates the need to install separate encoders and wireless transmitters
  • More than double the capacity of previous devices, with improved bandwidth utilization and image quality

Nextiva S4100 Feature Set

The Nextiva S4100 captures and transmits images from virtually anywhere with high reliability, excellent scalability, and lower operational costs. The S4100 consists of two units - a wireless encoder/transmitter and a decoder/receiver - and features Verint’s industry-leading video encoding technology for 4CIF/30fps video quality with optimal use of network bandwidth. When using the unique Verint SPCF protocol, the S4100 features effective throughput of up to 28Mbps, more than 2½ times the capacity of prior devices, for high efficiency and lower cost of ownership and operation.

The S4100 transmits video using the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz (license-free) wireless band or the 4.9 GHz (licensed) US or Canada public safety band. A built-in, multi-band antenna lets users switch wireless frequencies by reconfiguring the software, rather than having to replace the unit. And Verint’s proprietary SDCF polling resolves hidden node and quality of service issues characteristic of conventional Wi-Fi 802.11 products.

Ideal for Wireless Point-to-Point Applications

By eliminating the need to install separate video encoders and wireless video transmitters, the S4100 decreases installation, equipment, and maintenance costs, speeds deployment, and reduces power and space requirements. With compact, weatherproof enclosures, the S4100 is ideal for outdoor, wireless point-to-point applications.

Simplified, Flexible Configuration

Ethernet ports on the transmitter and receiver simplify configuration and maintenance and allow the S4100 to connect to an IP camera, chemical sensor, infrared wall, or other Ethernet device. The S4100 also features auto-sensing serial ports to connect to motorized domes, PTZ cameras, and other asynchronous serial devices, with an optional connection for a second analog camera. AES encryption with rotating 128-bit key provides a high level of security during wireless video transmission.

Manage with Nextiva

The Nextiva S4100 is fully integrated with the Nextiva video solution portfolio, including all Nextiva video management software. The S4100 can be centrally configured and administered using Nextiva Control Center, an easy-to-use management portal, and automatically monitored using Nextiva HealthCheck for greater uptime and lower service costs.

The S4100 is part of the Nextiva wireless video portfolio, which leads the industry in innovation and value. Built on accepted industry standards, these intelligent edge devices are designed for high availability, easy interoperability with IT infrastructure and video systems, and superior performance.

RF Interface Nextiva SDCF/SPCF
802.11a/802.11g PHY with proprietary MAC protocol
Frequencies 2.40-2.4835 GHz (ISM)
4.940-4.990 GHz (Public safety band US and Canada)
5.250-5.350 GHz (U-NII-2) Not available in US & Canada
5.470-5.725 GHz (DFS) Not available in US & Canada
5.725-5.825 GHz (U-NII-3/ISM)
Modulation OFDM
Maximum Output Power 2.4 GHz: 13 dBm
4.9 GHz: 20 dBm
5.x GHz: 23 dBm
Range (RF Line of Sight) 2.40-2.4835 GHz (8.5 dBi): up to 2.1 miles (3.4 km)
4.940-4.990 GHz (12 dBi): up to 2.4 miles (3.9 km)
4.940-4.990 GHz (18 dBi): up to 8.2 miles (13.2 km)
5.250GHz-5.350GHz (12 dBi): up to 1.8 miles (2.9 km)
5.470-5.725GHz (12 dBi): up to 1.7 miles (2.7 km)
5.725-5.825 GHz (12 dBi): up to 2.1 miles (3.4 km)
5.725-5.825 GHz (19 dBi): up to 8.8 miles (14.2 km)
Data Rate (Max Burst Rate) 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, and 54 Mbps
Channels 2.4 GHz: 11, 3 non-interfering
4.9 GHz: 2, 4, or 10 depending on user-configurable channel width, non-interfering
5.3 GHz: 4, non-interfering
5.4 GHz: 11, non-interfering (DFS)
5.8 GHz: 5, non-interfering
Encryption 128-bit AES with auto-key rotation
Protocols RTP/IP, UDP/IP, TCP/IP
Antenna Connector SMA female
Ethernet Connector Weatherproof 10/100Base-T (RJ-45)

Input/Output 1 or 2 composite, 1 Vpp into 75 ohms (NTSC/PAL)
Compression Proprietary MPEG-4-based (480 TV lines resolution) MPEG-4 ISO 14496-2 Simple Profile (480 TV lines resolution)
Frame Rate 1-30 fps programmable (up to 60 fields per second)

Optional Alarm and Audio
Alarm Input: 2 dry contacts (1 mA max.)
Output: 1 relay contact (up to 48V at 100 mA)
Bi-Directional Audio Input: 0 dBm into 600 ohms
Output: -8 dBm into 600 ohms

Serial Port
Interface Standard RS-422/485
Operating Mode Transparent (supports any asynchronous PTZ serial protocol)

Input Voltage 24V AC +/- 20% and 12V DC +/- 10%
Maximum Consumption 20W (1.6 A at 12V DC), 25 VA at 24V AC

Enclosure NEMA 4X/IP 66 powder coat painted die-cast aluminum with wall-mount brackets
Size 8.75L x 3.5W x 5.5H in. (222L x 89W x 140H mm)
Weight 4.6 lbs (2.1 kg) including mounting brackets
Environmental -22ºF to 122ºF (-30ºC to 50ºC)
Humidity 100% at 122ºF (50ºC)

Configuration Local via the Ethernet port using SConfigurator
Firmware Upgrade Via the Ethernet port

Certification and Regulation
RoHS compliant, UL certified
USA FCC CFR47 Part 15 Subpart B, C, and E (15.247, 15.407, 15.107, 15.109)
FCC Part 90 DSRC-C mask certification
UL60950-1, First Edition
Canada Industry Canada RSS-210, RSS-139, and ICES-003 CSA C22.2 NO. 60950-1, First Edition
Europe CE marked
ETSI EN 300 328 v1.7.1 (2006-10)
ETSI EN 300 893 v1.3.1 (2005-08)
ETSI EN 301 489-1 v1.7.1 (2007-04)
ETSI EN 301 489-17 v1.3.2 (2007-06)
IEC-60950-1, First Edition
UL60950-1, First Edition

Models and Options
S4100 Standard model with 2.4/5.x GHz support and audio and alarms capability
S4100-2V Standard model with 2.4/5.x GHz support and a second video input/output
S4100-49 Public safety model with 2.4/4.9/5.x GHz support and audio and alarms capability
S4100-2V-49 Public safety model with 2.4/4.9/5.x GHz support and a second video input/output
S4100-CE European model with 2.4/5.x GHz support and audio and alarms capability
S4100-2V-CE European model with 2.4/5.x GHz support and a second video input/output
Note: All transmitters and receivers come with one cable for power/video/data, multi-band antenna, and wall-mount and pole-mount brackets.