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IVONA Telecom Text-To-Speech is a solution designed for developing telecom systems like: Contact and Call Centres, Interactive Voice Response Services, Voice Self Services, SMS to Voice conversion and many other. The IVONA TTS analyses and interprets the text using the algorithms of artificial intelligence and reads it out loud in a natural, human-like way. The synthesized text is sent directly to a telephone line or saved to a file. IVONA Telecom comes with a commandline interface, compliance with the Microsoft Speech API and MRCP standard making the process of an integration easy.

Main benefits

  • Technology - unique self-developed algorithms resulting in outstanding performance
  • Quality - IVONA TTS engine received one of the highest scores for voice quality at the prestigious scientific event Blizzard Challenge in 2006, 2007 and 2009
  • Language independent
  • Exception dictionary based on regexp
  • High throughput: 100+ parallel ports per single core proccesor
  • Low integration costs, scalability – SAPI / MRCP Media Server

Languages / voices supported
  • Romanian : Carmen
  • Polish : Maja, Ewa, Jacek and Jan
  • UK-English : Emma, Amy, Brian
  • German : Marlene, Hans
  • French : Céline, Mathieu
  • US-English : Salli, Ivy, Kimberly, Kendra, Jennifer, Joey, Eric and Chipmunk
  • US-Spanish : Penelope, Miguel
  • Welsh English : Geraint, Gwyneth
  • Welsh : Geraint, Gwyneth
  • Castilian Spanish: Conchita, Enrique
  • Australian English : Nicole
more languages coming soon...
  • Dutch
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Canadian French
  • Swedish
  • Danish
  • Russian

Technical specification

Windows Version:
  • System Versions supported: NT4, 2000SP3, XP, Vista, 2003 Server and newer
  • APIs: proprietary API (SDK – programmers, commandline with streaming support), Microsoft SAPI 4, Microsoft SAPI 5.1, 5.2, 5.3.
  • Native Java Client supporting Java SDK (Java Native Interface)
  • MRCP 1.0 (Media Resource Control Protocol)
  • Markup languages: own accent / pronounciation forcing marks, SSML coming soon
  • Development languages: C, C++, Java, all scripting languages via commandline
  • Input of text: unlimited vocabulary (domain), unlimited text size, raw text
  • Normalisation of text: dates, time, currencies, URLs, emails, abbreviations and exceptions, plugins which provide more specific normalisation tasks
  • Pre-processing modules: e-mail,
  • Audio Output: stream: multimedia device, file, memory buffer, DirectX, Stream (SAPI 5). Sampling rate: 8kHz (telephony), 22 kHz, any other frequencies available on demand
  • TTS Server modes: local or remote (IP), as a desktop process or as a service
Unix/Linux Version – as Windows Version except:
  • System Versions supported: all
  • API: proprietary API, Java SDK (Java Native Interface)
  • Demo version available with built-in music background and license info in generated speech

Programmers Interface
  • Windows version - commandline, GUI, Microsoft Speech API, API
  • Unix/Linux version - commandline, API, JAVA, unix domain/inet socket (when acting as a server/daemon)

What do you get

The IVONA Telecom package includes:

  • The IVONA Text-To-Speech for telecommunications
  • SAPI Tester - access to the synthesis through a GUI (for Windows)
  • Support for the Microsoft Speech API (SAPI) (for Windows)
  • Access to the synthesis through API (for Unix/Linux)
  • ivonacmd: access to the synthesis through a commandline(for Windows)
  • ivonacl: access to the synthesis through a commandline(for Unix/Linux)
  • IVONA TTS server (daemon)
  • jivonatts: for JAVA (optional)

IVONA Text-To-Speech portfolio

Check the versatility of our full offer. Choose your application and find the suitable IVONA product.

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